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Air Leak In Dosing Container

Unfortunately, it has brought up to our attention that there was a air leak in our 1.5L dosing container. The leak was from the side connection, what we found was at the join the glue dried up and left a little air hole. When the dosing unit pull the liquid, air entered from this hole.

Please contact us at with any issue

or you can easily prepare it with little silicone.

You can exam the join and see little gap / hole at the join. You can apply little silicone around the join areas, let it dry for about 1-2 hours. This would solve the issue.

You also can remove the connection buy counterclockwise the fitting. Then apply little silicon in the male thread area then screw the fitting back. Let it dry for about 1-2 hours, this would solve the issue.





Bubble Magus Single Dosing Pump ** INSTOCK NOW **

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Bubble magus Single Dosing Pump and Add On

TS1 & TS2




New Bubble Magus Dosing Pumps T11 and T12

We are excited to inform you that very recently Bubble Magus is releasing a NEW series of Dosing Pump, The BM-T11 and BM-T12. This series is a new addition to the Bubble Magus line and are NOT replacement for the original Bubble Magus doser (BM-T01 and BM-T02). We will continue to carry and sell the original Bubble Magus Doser BM-T02 and BM-T01.

BM-T11 cannot work with BM-T01 or BM-T02

What makes the BM-T11 and BM-T12 different ?

– Stylish new body form and Color
– Tighter built seams to resist moisture exposure on internal circuits
– Medical grade tubing made in Germany, last longer
– Alarms for pump malfunctioning, will alarm when there is issue with motor, tubing and board.

BM-T11 (master) – MAP – 349.99

BM-T12 (Slave) – MAP – 249.99

Bubble Magus Dosing Pump Replacement Head

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replacement for dosing pump

Bubble Magus Tube Holder

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Bracket of Tube,
Tube can be fixed on the sump

Bubble Magus Dosing Pump Bracket

Bracket of Dosing pump
Equipped with a screw can be fixed hung in the cupboard

Bubble Magus Dosing Pump BM-T02

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BM-T01 is a mainframe computer with a 3-channel, with control.
BM-T02 is to extend the four-channel, it must be to promote BM-T01.
BM-T01 up to bring two BM-T02, that could be like this:
Option One: a BM-T01, can have 3-channel functionality with a computer-controlled dosing
Option Two: 1 BM-T01 + 1 BM-T02, formed the band with a 7-channel computer-controlled dosing function
Program 3: 1 BM-T01 + 2 BM-T02, formed the band with a 11-channel computer-controlled dosing function
The above three programs, only need a power supply.
BM-T02 can not be achieved individually computer-controlled dosing functions. General feeding SPS and so on, you can choose BM-T01, three-channel host computer dosing can be achieved KH, calcium, magnesium dosing of.

Bubble Magus Dosing Pump BM-T01

Automatically micro-computer control
Can add the designated Quantity of element auotmatically wiht different time-sectgion
interactive interface parameter settings
Can manage up to 11 channel of expansion function
Long-Lasting , during and pharmacy recommend dosing tube

Size : 23.5 x 16 x7cm
Accuary +- 5%
Voltage :AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.36A DC12V 1A (US Pin)
3M Dosing Tube include
Optional: Dosing Pump Bracket and BM Bracket Holder for BM-T01 Dosing Pump
Flow :1 – 1999ML
Cycle : Max :24 cycle per day