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Sea Side Aquatics New DC Pump

Coming to to your favor stores

Sea Side Aquatics Limited Edition Red Color Skimmer

Coming Soon, our new red cone skimmer, build from thick acrylic similar to the ATB 840 skimmer. The skimmer comes with new SP2000 pump.

Limited supply, please contact us for details.

There is no recall on Bubble Magus skimmers in the USA

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Some of you have heard rumors of Bubble Magus voluntary recall the pump on the NAC3.5, NAC6, NAC7 and NAC5E skimmer.

As a sole exclusive distributor for Bubble Magus in the USA, we can clarified the information is untrue and that there is NO such recall, whoever started these rumors or making any accusations again Bubble Magus products. Their only goal is to hurt the USA market.

Sea Side Aquatics and Bubble Magus are working diligently to find way of improving the products line. We continue to offer superior support all Bubble Magus products purchased with our dealer network. If you have any issues please contact us directly for warranty services.

Thank you for your support.

Bubble Magus Official Statement listed on their website

Tom Tran
Owner of Sea Side Aquatics