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How to clean a dc pump impeller

There are so many dc pumps out there and all the impellers are pretty much the same or similar to each other.  The most important part of keeping it clean and running without any issue is making sure the bearing is not stuck to the ceramic shaft and the calcium build up right behind the propeller.

Once you remove the impeller from the pump motor, please inspect the bearing inside the motor housing, make sure its there and if possible remove it.  Place it to the impeller shaft, spin it or move it in and out making sure its loose.  If its fit tight or you have to put some pressure or force into the movement. You need to clean the shaft and bearing. They should be loose and move freely.

Over time, the calcium also build up in the ceramic area right behind the propeller and in front of the magnet. right between the hole of the black plate.

Please follow the pictures instruction to identify the area and how to clean it.

How to change out control board for solar feeder

To change out the control board, please follow the below steps.

– 1 open the lid

– remove all 4 screws, at each corner of the feeder

– lay the unit on it side

– side the top portion out

– disconnect the 2 quick connections, please make note of which connector below to which one, this way no mistake when you plug them back.

– discounnect the connections at the control board

– remove 2 nuts from the controller board using plyer

– install the new board and connect everything back to where it belongs

– slide the top back and put the screws back

Please follow the below pictures

How to replace dosing head tube

Please carefully remove the dosing head by pressing down on both tabs on the side of the dosing head.

  • While pressing down the tabs, pull the head out.
  • One the dosing head is removed, please use a flat object to separate the front and the back plate of the head.
  • Place the back plate to a side and look at the position of the 3 rollers inside.  They need to be the same when finish otherwise it will not work correctly.
  • Carefully remove the rollers and the tubing along with the 2 clips
  • Once the rollers are removed, look into the dosing head, you will see a little groove, the rollers need to sit inside this groove evenly.  If one of the rollers are off set, it will not work.
  • Once the new tubing in place, snap the black plate back.
  • Once the head is back into the motor shaft, you can pull the tubing little to the left and little to the right.  This will freely place the rollers back to normal or smooth out the tubing as well.