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Sea Side Aquatics Dosing Pumps

Coming Soon, Sea Side Aquatics Dosing Pumps.

Bubble Magus Wave Pumps

Wave pumps:
W20: Max flow 6000L/H; DC 12V 20W
W70: Max flow 16000L/H; DC24V 70W

Bubble Magus DC Skimmer Pump and Return Pumps

Skimmer DC pumps:
S50: DC24V 45W, Air intake 1500L/H
S20: DC24V 20W, Air intake 900L/H

Return DC Pumps:
Coming Soon

Sea Side Aquatics No Longer Warranty ATMAN PUMP

As of January 1st 2014, Sea Side Aquatics, llc is no longer warranty atman skimmer pumps; ph500, ph1100, ph2500, ph3000 and ph4000.

We have discontinued using atman skimmer pump for our skimmers in 2012.

Thank you.

Sea Side Aquatics Sumps

SSA MODE NO OVRERALL SIZES SKIMMER chamber pump chamber refugium chamber
RS-50 15x15x14″(38*38*35cm) 10*8″(25.4*21cm) 5″*10″(12*25cm) 5″*9″(12*22cm)
RS75 18*12*16″(45*30*40cm) 10*12″(25.4*30cm) 5″*12″(12.4*30CM) N/A
RS125 24*14*16″(60*35*40cm) 14*14″(36*35cm) 6.6*14″(16.8*35CM) N/A
RS225 30*14*16″(76*35*40cm) 18*14″(46*35cm) 9*14″(22.8*35CM) N/A
RS300 36*16*16″(91*40*40cm) 25*16″(64*40cm) 8*16″(19.8*40CM) N/A
RS400 48*20*18″(120*50*45cm) 25*20″(64*50cm) 19*20″(48.8*50CM) N/A

SSA MODE NO OVRERALL SIZES SKIMMER chamber pump chamber refugium chamber
RE100 24x14x16″(60*36*40cm) 9.5″*13.5″(24*36) 5″*13.5″(12.3*36) 7*14″(18*36cm)
RE200 30x16x16″(76*40*40cm) 11.5″*15.5″(29*36) 6″*15.5″(15*36) 10*16″(25.4*40cm)
RE300 36x18x16″(91*46*40cm) 15″*17.5″(38*36) 7″*17.5″(18*36) 12*18″(31*46cm)