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Skimmers FAQ:

Why is my skimmer making a lot of micro bubbles and keep overflowing ?

For new set up and newly installed skimmer, it’s normal for the skimmer to make lot of bubbles and sometimes overflowing the cup. Let the skimmer works it course and breaking down whatever in the water and pull it out.

However it will be pulling out lot of clear water and you need to have new water to replace it. Never dump the water inside the collection cup back into the tank or have it drain back into the tank. This water should be throw away. The best way to slow down the clear water and overflowing is to raise the skimmer higher. If the skimmer is sitting in a sump with a water level of 8″, you can slowly raise the skimmer up to see at which level the clear water would stop. Keep it there for a few hours or maybe a day. Once you start see darker skimmate, you can lower the skimmer back to the normal water level.

For established tank and suddenly the skimmer started making lot of bubbles and overflowing. There are few reasons why, please check to see if you just added any chemical, medication, fish/coral food, new filter sock or new sand. 99% of the time, stress zym, water conditioner, coral food and medication would be the cause. Just turn off the skimmer for a few hours, add fresh carbon would help solve the issue.

Customer skimmer overflowing at 8″ of water:


We asked the customer to raise the skimmer up to the point it would stop overflowing and barely collecting skimmate


Skimmer runing fine after a few hours and back to normal operation at 8″



My pump just died.

After a period of usage the pump suddenly stopped working, please check the impeller.  The below article should help you with steps of cleaning it.  Please click here for the instruction on how to clean the impeller.

Why is my new skimmer making noise ?

Some pumps are making more noise than the other, noise can comes from the pin wheel or it can be the vibration from the pump motor itself. It’s usually take about 2-5 days for the pump to break in and all the moving parts run smooth. Therefore give it a few days and contact us if you still having issue.

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Why my dosing pump not working ?

If you recently purchase a dosing pump T01 and you are having the following issues, please read the below..

1- I can hear the pump motor is running, but it’s not suction in any liquid. If you experiencing this issue, please pull the yellowing tubing with the 2 blue connectors at the end, pull hard all the way to the left and to the right a few times. Sometimes the 3 rollers inside stuck and pinched the tubing together this prevent it from suction the liquis. Pulling on the tubing, this would loosen up the rollers and the unit should work.

2- I am losing siphon. When you prime the unit, please look at the clear tubing, make sure only liquid is pulled up, if there is any air gaps inside the line, there must be a air leak somewhere. Check the line to see where the air was pulling from. With air inside the tubing, this create a back siphon and the liquid would not stay inside the tubing. Please check to see where the air leak. Most of the time, the container you using or the connection is the problem.

3- The clock is stuck and not advancing or disappeared, if you are experiencing this issue, please contact us for additional detail.

We suggest that the dosing head and tubing to be replace once every 8-10 months, depend the amount of usage.

How to replace dosing head tubing, please click here.

When is my warranty period expire

The warranty period starts on the day of your purchased, some items comes with 60 days to 2 year2 warranty. Please check the warranty instruction booklet included with your new purchase for more details. You can also email us if you have any questions.

The warranty is not perpetuate and it will not restart if there was a service repair or replacement to the unit.

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