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Bubble Magus 10th Anniversary Special Limit Skimmer BM-100SE

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500-700L Aquarium
DSP2000 pump, DC24V, 18W.
Air intake 660L/H
Size: 240 X 190 X 550MM






Bubble Magus 10th Anniversary Special Limit Skimmer BM-99SE


300~500L Aquarium
DSP1000 pump,DC24V;13W,
Air intake300L/H
Size:230 X 155 X 495MM





Bubble Magus Bio-Spheres Balls

Comes with Zipper Mesh Bag, approximately 1 pound
Perfect for aquarium, pond and reef
1 pound is roughly equivalent to 44 pound of live rock.
Made in Taiwan

Bubble Magus Sump Filter






The filter is a high-efficiency water filtration system which effectively removes suspended particles such as detritus, food, organic waste from the water column.

Use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums and corals system.

12″ long x 15.5 wide by 14″ tall

Bubble Magus ARF-1 Auto Roll Filter
ARF-1 Specifications
• 12v DC motor
• 110v Power adapter ULc  DC12v 1amp output
• Water level switch
• Filter roll Non woven 150mm width, 25M length
• 1” I.D inlet pipe, complete with Flex pipe
• 40x36x26cm total dimensions (including motor body)
• Internal sump mounted
The ARF-1 removes the need for filter socks. Water is fed into the internal chamber via the aquarium systems drain, and through the filter roll. When the water level rises in the chamber due to filter clogging the water level switch triggers the motor to wind on the filter roll to a new fresh piece. The water level will then drop repeating the process


New Angle Black Frag Rack Small and Large Size

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Black Color

Hold 8 regular plugs Small, Large hold up to 14 plugs

Up to 1/2″ thick magnetic

4.60″ long x 3″ wide from the wall Small, Large is 7.75″ long