About Us

Sea Side Aquatics founded by Tom Tran in 2004, and currently Sea Side Aquatics is one of the largest aquarium supplies distributors in Southern California. In the early years, Sea Side Aquatics mainly carried saltwater aquarium supplies; however in 2013, a freshwater and pond supply division–Tom’s Aquatics–was integrated.

Sea Side Aquatics is a distributor for leading brand name suppliers such as Ecotech Marine, Tunze, Polyp Lab, Giesmann Bulbs, ATI, Aquaillumination Leds, Bubble Magus, Deltec, Fauna Marin, Skimz, H2ocean Salt, Red Sea, Hai Feng, Neptune AquaControllers, Hanna Checkers, ATB Skimmers and many other high quality products.

We can be contacted at:

1332 S Claudina Street
Anaheim, CA 92805

You also can contact us during business hours, Monday – Friday (9am-5pm PST) at 657-258-8466

or by email at sales@seasideaquatics.com

We hope you will consider using our product lines for all your aquarium needs.