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Kessil Light Hanging Kit
  • Kessil Light Hanging Kit

Kessil Light Hanging Kit


Kessil Light Hanging Kit


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  • Adjustable hanging kit for Kessil Aquarium AP700 LED Panel Fixture
  • Securely suspends LED fixture for a stylish aquarium lighting display
  • Hang your AP700 from the ceiling or within wood aquarium canopies

logo-kessil-100616-2.gifEasy-to-install mounting accessory securely suspends Kessil Aquarium AP700 LED Panel Fixture above aquariums for an elegant lighting display. Kessil AP700 Hanging Kit includes two, 118" long hanging cables and hardware for convenient ceiling installation or installation inside wooden aquarium canopies. Height adjustable design ensures proper installation height to suit the particular light requirements of your aquarium inhabitants.

Kessil AP 700 LED Panel Fixture Hanging Recommendation
  • Hang the AP700 15"-18" above water surface to obtain a 48"x24" coverage for mixed reef aquarium.
  • Hang the AP700 5"-7" above water surface for a 36"x24" coverage for SPS-dominant reef aquarium.
More Information

Toggle Bolt / Tapping Screws Mounting Guide
Toggle Bolt Installation
Step 1.1
Remove the screws from the Toggle Bolts.
Step 1.2
Loosen the top part of the Hanging Cable and put the screws in.
Step 2.1
Screw the Toggle Bolts into the Hanging Cable.
Step 2.2
Squeeze the sides of the Toggle Bolt, then insert into a pre-drilled hole*. Then proceed to Step 3.
*Hole Size - Min 5/8" (16mm) / Max: 1" (25mm)

Tapping Screws Installation
Step 1
Loosen the top part of the Hanging Cable.
Step 2
Screw the Tapping Screws in the wall tightly. Then proceed to Step 3.
Step 3 (once Toggle Bolt / Tapping Screws has been installed)
Remove the four (4) Corner Screws from the AP700 using the hex wrench.
Step 4
Screw the Hanging Cable into the corners of the AP700. You are finished.

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Kessil Light Hanging Kit

Kessil Light Hanging Kit

Kessil Light Hanging Kit

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