We will be accept and process by secured PayPal Site.

You can pay with any credit cards, you don't need to have PayPal account.

The payment will be put on hold as "authorized" payment.

Once we processed your order and shipped. We will finalize and capture your payment with shipping cost ( if applicable ) and a final invoice will be send to you.

However some credit card would not let us add additional shipping cost into the payment, therefore we would send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping cost separately.

Shipping Cost:

The exact shipping cost is always an issue for all of us, we wanted to be as fair as possible and charge you for the exact cost. Therefore we created a few options for you.  

Shipping will always say "FREE" on the order, however it's not, as the option listed below.

1 - You can use your UPS / Fedex account

When order, please provide us with your UPS / Fedex account, we will pack and ship using your account. Your package will get pick up at the end of the day by our UPS / Fedex driver. However you are responsible for the value of the package, purchase of signature confirmation, insurance value.  If we sent out a package that worth $500 dollar, you fail to purchase insurance.  The most you can get from UPS / Fedex is $100.  If the customer claims the package didn't arrive, but tracking show it did and you fail to purchase signature confirmation.  We do not responsible for this.

You also can send us your FedEx or UPS label(s), however you must arrange UPS driver to pick up at our location. You responsible for 100% of the package. This include any damage claim(s).

2 - " Bill Me Shipping Cost "

This option, we will pack your order and send you Paypal invoice for the actual cost of the shipment.  However if you have more than 2 outstanding shipping invoice ( more than $50 total ) your account will be suspended until those invoices are paid.

3 - FREE SHIPPING for order over $599.99, with a few restrictions: 

Order over $599.99 or more shipping would be free except HI, PR, Distributors and International's orders.  

Free shipping only apply to order that is paid up front, it doesn't apply to order that are on payment term.

All items must be in stock at the time of purchase and add up equal or more than $599.99 to qualify for free shipping.

Free shipping doesn't apply to Tunze, Ecotech Marine Products, AI, Kessil, Ceramic plugs/discs, Chillers, Salts, Sands, liquid items ( like additives, chemical, medications or water conditioners ), Dried or Live Rocks, Sumps, Glass Tanks, Stands, Aquarium Set, Koi Replica 30-85cm, Koi Food, Cichlid Food, Koi nets, Koi Feeders, Crystal Clear Products,  Aqua UV Products, RDF, Showers, Combi, Koi Ponds, Koi Bowls, Measuring tubs, Matala Products, Periha Products or any extra heavy and over size item.


It doesn't apply to any other promotion or discount. Please contact us for additional details.

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