Sea Side Aquatics’ Young Koi Show 09/02/23

Sea Side Aquatics’ Young Koi Show 09/02/23

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Please come and join us for a fun day.

This event is sponsored by: Aqua Uv, API, Aqua Med, MinnFin, Aqua Master, Koi Care Kennel, Matala USA, Aqua Evolution and Microbe-Lift and we are working to add more to the list.

  • all koi up to 26″ can enter
  • max is 3 koi per tank
  • koi can be drop off at 8-10AM on 9/2
  • all koi must be measured at home by the owner, please use the honor system. If needed we would remeasure the koi on site. Please Use This Entry Form
  • koi will be judge by 2 invited judges from 10-12PM
  • Lunch / Drinks will be provided by SSA at noon
  • Sponsors raffles will be going on at noon, you must be present to win
  • Winners will be announce at noon
  • Participants can remove their koi at 2pm, SSA will provide oxygen as needed, however please bring your own.

Awards – Grand Champion ( Trophy + $800 Gift Cert + Lifegard QL-160, 160 Watt UV Sterilizer Value $1120 )

Reserve Champion ( Trophy +$500 Gift Cert + 57W Aqua Uv Unit Value $630 )

Baby Champion ( Trophy + $200 Gift Cert + 40W Aqua UV Unit Value $590) –

Future Tategoi ( Trophy + 25w Aqua UV Unit Value $410 )

4 Awards For Best In Variety (Gin-Rin, Doitsu, Goshiki, Tancho ) Each Award Would Get a Trophy and 10kg Aqua Master Koi Food

4 Awards For Best In Size 1-4 Each Award Would Get a Trophy and 10kg Aqua Master Koi Food

Each tank cost $100 dollar, this money will be use toward paying the prizes, trophies and food.  Sea Side Aquatics, would not be making any money from this show. We want to create a fun yearly event from everyone.

Please contact me directly at 714-603-4707, payment for the show tank can be zelle to the same phone number.  Please no cancellation and no refund. Why ? because of the above.

You are welcome to bring unwanted koi to sell during the show, please have the koi pre-bag and mark your name and the amount you want.  Other hobbyists might be interest and contact you directly.

Sea Side Aquatics reserved the right to make any modification and cancellation to this event. Full refund will be issue if the event is cancelled.  Sea Side Aquatics would not be held responsible for any sick koi, injure or dead koi during or after the event.