How to replace dosing head tube

Please carefully remove the dosing head by pressing down on both tabs on the side of the dosing head.

  • While pressing down the tabs, pull the head out.
  • One the dosing head is removed, please use a flat object to separate the front and the back plate of the head.
  • Place the back plate to a side and look at the position of the 3 rollers inside.  They need to be the same when finish otherwise it will not work correctly.
  • Carefully remove the rollers and the tubing along with the 2 clips
  • Once the rollers are removed, look into the dosing head, you will see a little groove, the rollers need to sit inside this groove evenly.  If one of the rollers are off set, it will not work.
  • Once the new tubing in place, snap the black plate back.
  • Once the head is back into the motor shaft, you can pull the tubing little to the left and little to the right.  This will freely place the rollers back to normal or smooth out the tubing as well.