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Sea Side Aquatics’ Young Koi Show 09/02/23

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Please come and join us for a fun day.

This event is sponsored by: Aqua Uv, API, Aqua Med, MinnFin, Aqua Master, Koi Care Kennel, Matala USA, Aqua Evolution and Microbe-Lift and we are working to add more to the list.

  • all koi up to 26″ can enter
  • max is 3 koi per tank
  • koi can be drop off at 8-10AM on 9/2
  • all koi must be measured at home by the owner, please use the honor system. If needed we would remeasure the koi on site. Please Use This Entry Form
  • koi will be judge by 2 invited judges from 10-12PM
  • Lunch / Drinks will be provided by SSA at noon
  • Sponsors raffles will be going on at noon, you must be present to win
  • Winners will be announce at noon
  • Participants can remove their koi at 2pm, SSA will provide oxygen as needed, however please bring your own.

Awards – Grand Champion ( Trophy + $800 Gift Cert + Lifegard QL-160, 160 Watt UV Sterilizer Value $1120 )

Reserve Champion ( Trophy +$500 Gift Cert + 57W Aqua Uv Unit Value $630 )

Baby Champion ( Trophy + $200 Gift Cert + 40W Aqua UV Unit Value $590) –

Future Tategoi ( Trophy + 25w Aqua UV Unit Value $410 )

4 Awards For Best In Variety (Gin-Rin, Doitsu, Goshiki, Tancho ) Each Award Would Get a Trophy and 10kg Aqua Master Koi Food

4 Awards For Best In Size 1-4 Each Award Would Get a Trophy and 10kg Aqua Master Koi Food

Each tank cost $100 dollar, this money will be use toward paying the prizes, trophies and food.  Sea Side Aquatics, would not be making any money from this show. We want to create a fun yearly event from everyone.

Please contact me directly at 714-603-4707, payment for the show tank can be zelle to the same phone number.  Please no cancellation and no refund. Why ? because of the above.

You are welcome to bring unwanted koi to sell during the show, please have the koi pre-bag and mark your name and the amount you want.  Other hobbyists might be interest and contact you directly.

Sea Side Aquatics reserved the right to make any modification and cancellation to this event. Full refund will be issue if the event is cancelled.  Sea Side Aquatics would not be held responsible for any sick koi, injure or dead koi during or after the event.

Bubble Magus New Extreme Protein Skimmers

New Bubble Magus Extreme Protein Skimmers.

Comes with new improved SP Rock Pumps



Use to 100-300L Aquarium

ROCK SP1.0 Pump

220-240V, 50Hz, 12W (120V, 60Hz, 0.5A)

Air intake: 270 LPH



Use to 300-500L Aquarium

ROCK SP1.5 Pump

220-240V, 50Hz, 16W (120V, 60Hz, 0.5A)

Air intake: 330 LPH



Use to 500-900L Aquarium

ROCK SP3.0 Pump

220-240V, 50Hz, 20W (120V, 60Hz, 1A)

Air intake: 660 LPH



Use to 900-1500L Aquarium

ROCK SP4.0 Pump

220-240V, 50Hz, 25W (120V, 60Hz, 0.5A)

Air intake: 1000 LPH

4/15 Customer Testimonial On Skimmer Micro Bubbles

On 4/15 Customer contacted us:

Can not get micro bubbles to stop exiting from the bottom of skimmer. Its in 8 inches of water and has been running for 3 weeks. I had to block off the air to slow the over flowing down








Our replied to the customer and within 24 hours the customer replied

Running 10x better now!! I was going to return it because I’ve been playing with for 2 weeks now and couldn’t get it right. Thanks for your help!!

How to clean skimmer pump impeller

This article will show you how to check and clean the skimmer pump impeller. Over period of time, depend on the amount of usage / calcium dosing. The ceramic shaft will bond / stuck into the impeller magnetic housing, this prevent the impeller from spinning correctly. If you hold the both end of the impeller with the thumb / index finger and try to spin the impeller, it should spin freely. If the impeller not spinning or you have to put lot of force into making it spin.  The impeller / shaft needs cleaning.

The white shaft should easily be remove from the magnetic housing as well.

Picture 1 – Look at the red arrows, you will see evidence of build up.

Please watch the below YouTube videos to better understand

How to clean the impeller part 1

How to clean the impeller part 2

When the impeller is stuck into the magnetic housing, you can try to push the impeller out by putting one end on a hard flat object and push it.  You might have to repeat the this steps a few times. Vinegar bath the whole impeller should also helped. Once you removed the shaft from the impeller, you can feel and see residue / calcium powder.  You can use sand paper to sand it down or a brush to remove the residue. You want to clean off as much residue on the shaft and inside the magnetic housing as possible.

Once you done cleaning it, place the shaft back into the magnetic housing, you should feel there is no resistance and the shaft should be loose coming in and out of the impeller.  Now try to hold both ends of the shaft and try to spin the magnetic impeller with your finger, the impeller should spin freely.

We suggest that you do this type of cleaning every 4-6 months, this would help extend the life of the impeller and the motor housing.

How to replace the head cleaning screw

Over period of time the wiper blade screw might became loose, please follow the steps to replace or tighten the screw for the cleaner head.


Instruction on how to replace bulb for periha drop-in UV light

To replace the bulb, please make sure the power is off and the power cord is unplug from the outlet.  Using a dry towel, clean off the excessive water from the unit.

1- you can pull and peel out the rubber cap at the end; using a twist and turn motions, this would help.  The cap is not glue or attach to the unit or the cord, it designed to come off.

2- once you got the rubber cap peel off the glass quartz, you will see layers of rubber seal inside the glass quartz.

3- using protective gloves, you can slowly pull the power cord so part of the rubber seal will come out.  Once its out, you can start pulling them out.  You can use some small object to help with this process, however please be careful of breaking or damaging the glass or most important, hurting yourselves.

4 – once you got the rubber seals out, you can swap the bulb out, making sure to put the spacer back at the end of the bulb.

5 – push the rubber seals back into the glass quartz and slide the rubber cap back into the UV.



Bubble Magus Commercial Skimmers


Measure:400*600*1520mm (15.8″ x 23.6″ x 60″)

Foot Print: 15.8″ x 23.6″

Cylinder Dia.:9.8″

Capacity:5-10 Ton

Pump:BUBBLE-MAGUS WP10000, 220~240V, 50Hz, 105W, Hmax 5M, Qmax 1000L/H.


Measure:650*700*2100mm (25.6″ x 27.6″ x 82.7″)

Foot Print: 25.6″ x 27.6″

Cylinder Dia.:11.8″

Capacity:20-30 Ton

Pump:TDA50, 220~240V, 50Hz, 370W, Hmax 10M, Qmax 180L/min.


Bubble Magus Roller Filters

We have in stock the Small and Medium version, Large version is coming soon.