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New Fine Mesh Koi Nets

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Koi Fine Net

10 to 12″ Diameter

24″ long Handle

Aluminium Frame and Handle

White Fine Netting Material

Your Choice Aquatic Chillers

Model: C-018

Power: 1/8HP

Aquarium Volume: 80-400L

FLow Rate: 600-2000L/HR

Model: C-014

Power: 1/4HP

Aquarium Volume: 100-600L

FLow Rate: 1000-2500L/HR

Model: C-013

Power: 1/3HP

Aquarium Volume: 120-600L

FLow Rate: 1000-3000L/HR

Bubble Magus Bio-Spheres Balls

Comes with Zipper Mesh Bag, approximately 1 pound
Perfect for aquarium, pond and reef
1 pound is roughly equivalent to 44 pound of live rock.
Made in Taiwan

New Angle Black Frag Rack Small and Large Size

Category : Misc , Your Choice Aquatics

Black Color

Hold 8 regular plugs Small, Large hold up to 14 plugs

Up to 1/2″ thick magnetic

4.60″ long x 3″ wide from the wall Small, Large is 7.75″ long

Your Choice Aquatics Frag Tree

Coming Soon December 2016.

Your Choice Aquatics Magnetic Frag Station

Coming Soon December of 2016

Comes in black or white
good up to 5/8″ thick

Your Choice Aquatics Pest Trap

* Simple to use aquarium pest trap with high capture rate
* Single trap entrance capture more types of aquarium pests
* Traps without disturbing aquascape – great for reef aquariums
* Use to trap bristle worms, crabs, snails, and more

Universal trap simplifies the removal of various unwanted aquarium inhabitants. Automatic trap with dual entrances features a funnel entrance for bristle worms and a larger entrance with one-way curtain for crabs, snails, mantis shrimp, and more. Simply place baited, heavy-duty plastic trap in your aquarium and remove when desired target animal is captured. Measures 6.5″ x 3″ x 3.5″ high. For fresh and saltwater use

Pest trap4Pest trap1Pest trap2Pest trap3

Aqua Japan Aquarium Glass Tanks

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We have in stock ready to ship.

aqua-japan-all-in-one-tank-aj-d40baqua-japan-all-in-one-tank-aj-40bAqua Japan Square rearAqua Japan AIOAqua Japan AIO sideAqua Japan AIO rectangle sideAqua Japan AIO rectangle rearAqua Japan AIO rectangle frontaqua-japan-5-in-1-ultra-clear-rimless-tank-setaqua-japan5-in-1-bending-rimless-tank-set5 in 1 starphire glass set5 in 1 bending glass set3 in 1 starphire cube3 in 1 starphire cube A