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New Your Choice Aquatics Water Pump

Adjustable Variable Flow Pump

– Lower Energy Operation
– Controllable Flow
– Internal or External Use
– Safe For Saltwater Usage
– High Quality Heat Sink
– Newest V2 Software
– Strong Black Color Casing
– Fit USA Standard 2″ PVC Fitting For In and Outlet

How to clean skimmer pump impeller

This article will show you how to check and clean the skimmer pump impeller. Over period of time, depend on the amount of usage / calcium dosing. The ceramic shaft will bond / stuck into the impeller magnetic housing, this prevent the impeller from spinning correctly. If you hold the both end of the impeller with the thumb / index finger and try to spin the impeller, it should spin freely. If the impeller not spinning or you have to put lot of force into making it spin.  The impeller / shaft needs cleaning.

The white shaft should easily be remove from the magnetic housing as well.

Picture 1 – Look at the red arrows, you will see evidence of build up.

Please watch the below YouTube videos to better understand

How to clean the impeller part 1

How to clean the impeller part 2

When the impeller is stuck into the magnetic housing, you can try to push the impeller out by putting one end on a hard flat object and push it.  You might have to repeat the this steps a few times. Vinegar bath the whole impeller should also helped. Once you removed the shaft from the impeller, you can feel and see residue / calcium powder.  You can use sand paper to sand it down or a brush to remove the residue. You want to clean off as much residue on the shaft and inside the magnetic housing as possible.

Once you done cleaning it, place the shaft back into the magnetic housing, you should feel there is no resistance and the shaft should be loose coming in and out of the impeller.  Now try to hold both ends of the shaft and try to spin the magnetic impeller with your finger, the impeller should spin freely.

We suggest that you do this type of cleaning every 4-6 months, this would help extend the life of the impeller and the motor housing.

New Fine Mesh Koi Nets

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Koi Fine Net

10 to 12″ Diameter

24″ long Handle

Aluminium Frame and Handle

White Fine Netting Material

Your Choice Aquatic Chillers

Model: C-018

Power: 1/8HP

Aquarium Volume: 80-400L

FLow Rate: 600-2000L/HR

Model: C-014

Power: 1/4HP

Aquarium Volume: 100-600L

FLow Rate: 1000-2500L/HR

Model: C-013

Power: 1/3HP

Aquarium Volume: 120-600L

FLow Rate: 1000-3000L/HR

Bubble Magus Bio-Spheres Balls

Comes with Zipper Mesh Bag, approximately 1 pound
Perfect for aquarium, pond and reef
1 pound is roughly equivalent to 44 pound of live rock.
Made in Taiwan

New Angle Black Frag Rack Small and Large Size

Category : Misc , Your Choice Aquatics

Black Color

Hold 8 regular plugs Small, Large hold up to 14 plugs

Up to 1/2″ thick magnetic

4.60″ long x 3″ wide from the wall Small, Large is 7.75″ long

Your Choice Aquatics Frag Tree

Coming Soon December 2016.

Your Choice Aquatics Magnetic Frag Station

Coming Soon December of 2016

Comes in black or white
good up to 5/8″ thick